Apply For

  1. Alcohol License

    Read through documents and information needed to obtain a liquor license.

  2. Boards & Committees

    Learn how to apply for one of the city's boards or commissions.

  3. Building Permits

    Check out all of the applications for building permits and inspections.

  4. Employment with the City

    Find out how to apply for a job with the city.

  5. Fire Dept. Special Permit Application

    Apply for a special permit from the Fire Department.

  6. Garage Sales

  7. Signs

    The following provides information regarding requirements for various types of signs and addresses the most frequently asked questions regarding signage. Select from the topics below.

  8. Special Event Permit

    Permit required for special events and street closures.

  9. Tree Removal Request

    Request a Tree Removal

  10. Water & Sewer

    Obtain applications for water and sewer permits, and applications for water and sewer service.