Garage Sales

The City of Branson regulates the nature, frequency, and manner of garage sales, yard sales, and other similar sales conducted on residential property in order to maintain the non-commercial character of residential zones and properties and to mitigate any negative impacts associated with those sales, including excessive traffic congestion and noise.

Garage Sale Permit

Those planning to hold a garage sale can obtain their required permit at Finance Department in City Hall.  Garage sale permits are issued over-the-counter at the time an application is submitted, which includes a fee of $1.00 per day of sale. For more information, contact the Finance Department at 417-337-8551.

Frequency and Term of Sale

Each hosting property can receive up to 3 garage sale permits a year with each sale lasting up to 4 consecutive days.  Garage Sale Permits are issued in 60 day intervals for the hosting property.

Garage Sale Signs

Garage sale signs may be placed on the host's property or on any private property with the property owner’s approval.  Signs used to advertise garage sales are required to removed within 24 hours after the end of the sale.  For mare information, contact Code Enforcement at 417-337-8549.

Signs are considered illegally posted and will be removed when:

  • in a right-of-way, on street signs, utility poles, utility cabinets, or between the sidewalk and the curb. 
  • a sign resembles a traffic sign, has moving parts, or has balloons or pennants attached. 
  • a sign is larger than six (6) square feet in size.
  • a sign is displayed 24 hours after the sale is over.
Removed signed can be reclaimed up to 7 days from the date of removal by contacting Code Enforcement at 417-337-8549.