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1. When is a building permit required?
2. How do I apply for a permit?
3. How much does a building or a sign permit cost?
4. What is a plan review fee for a building permit?
5. How many sets of plans do I need to submit with my Application for Building Permit?
6. How long will it take to get a building permit once I submit my application and plans?
7. When can I pick up my building permit?
8. How long is my building permit valid?
9. What are the current building codes that apply to my construction projects?
10. When do I need to apply for a sign permit?
11. Do I need a sign permit just to do repairs to my sign?
12. Do I need a sign permit to simply reface my existing sign?
13. How much signage can I have on my property and what types of signs are allowed?
14. Can I change my sign from on-premises advertising to off-premises advertising?
15. I had a sign displayed and someone removed it – what happened?
16. What types of issues can Code Enforcement help me with?
17. A Code Enforcement Officer followed-up on my complaint about my neighbor’s property but they were not able to do anything about it – why not?
18. When does a property need to be mowed?
19. My neighbor has a lot of junk and trash on his property; what can be done about it?
20. How many vehicles are allowed on a property?
21. When mowing, does the entire property need to be done?
22. What are the regulations for removing a tree from my property?
23. Do I need a permit to trim a tree?
24. What is the purpose of landscape code requirements?